Friday 20th April

Here are the three things I’m grateful for today:

  1. A semi-successful dental check-up. Okay, so the news wasn’t amazing. I have a filling that needs to be renewed, and I have tooth with a potential abscess developing underneath it, but all-in-all my appointment with the dentist this morning wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. And my time with the dental hygienist was a breeze in comparison to previous visits!
  2. Bumping into former colleagues. During my lunchtime walk today it was nice to bump into three separate former colleagues from my old job. When you leave somewhere it’s so easy to lose touch with people that you used to spend a large portion of the day with. So it’s nice to see them again and catch up!
  3. Community of Practice. We had our fortnightly meeting of Product Owners today. It’s great that we have this group where we can share ideas and experiences, and help each other develop, because most of the time we’re working on our own embedded in a development team.

Thursday 19th April

Here are today’s three things:

  1. Sunny and warm weather. It seems that winter was so very long this year, that you can almost hear the collective sigh of relieve from across Ireland as we’ve finally got some warm weather. It’s like 17 degrees out there, and already all the women have changed over their entire wardrobe, half of Dublin has taken to eating lunch outside, we’ve completely run out of icecream, and everyone’s talking about having a barbecue at the weekend!
  2. A different lunchtime walk. Sometimes its nice to go and explore a different part of the city. Most workdays I go on a lunchtime walk, just to get some air and a bit of exercise, but I’m not always very adventurous about where I go. Today I went a bit further afield and saw a part of Dublin that I’m not so familiar with, and it was lovely!
  3. The grass outside Christ Church. Nothing better than getting along for Evensong a bit early and enjoying an icecream on the grass outside.

Wednesday 18th April

Here are today’s three reasons to be grateful:

  1. I finished my book. I’ve been reading Checking Out by Nick Spalding for the last couple of weeks and have been really enjoying it. It a humorous novel about how someone faces up to (or refuses to) a terminal illness. It might not sound like the subject suitable for comedy, but it works quite well, and I’ve really enjoyed the book!
  2. Cycling home without a jacket. The weather has definitely taken a turn today, and it was warm enough to cycle home from work without a coat on today. The mood of people seems to have improved as well, which is good!
  3. A better night’s sleep. When you’re young it’s hard to imagine ever having a problem with sleep. Insomnia isn’t a thing that people in their teens and twenties worry about. But as you get old, a good night’s sleep seems ever more elusive – whether it’s because of stress, bad health, or a million other reasons. I don’t always sleep well, but last night was amazing. I got a good eight hours, and this morning I felt amazing because of it!

Tuesday 17th April

Here are three things I’m grateful about today:

  1. Health. Never underestimate having good health. It’s all too easy to take it for granted. Instead nurture and protect it, as it’s one of life’s greatest gifts!
  2. Wealth. However much you have there will always be some people with more than you, and some with less. Be happy with what you have, and thankful that you can provide for your family.
  3. Happiness. I’m a firm believer that we can determine our own level of happiness. We can choose to be resentful and jealous, or we can choose to be content and at peace with the world.

Monday 16th April

I’m grateful for these three things:

  1. The lightning fast reaction times of the driver this morning. The cyclist ahead of me turned right without looking, straight into the path of an approaching car driver. Thankfully the driver had good reactions, and managed to perform an emergency stop – along with burning rubber on the road – and not the hit the cyclist. As for the guy on the bike? Well he didn’t even stop to apologise to the driver.
  2. My somewhat mediocre bike repair skills. Following the puncture on my bike last week, I had inspected the back tyre and found it to be really worn and with some dodgy-looking holes, so I ordered a new one. After work today I finally got around to fitting it, and OH BOY was it difficult. Normally all you need to do to get a wheel off a bicycle is to undo a couple of bolts – but not on my bike, no!  I had to practically dismantle the entire gears and braking system to get the bloody wheel off! In the end, changing the tyre and inner-tube took about 2 minutes. Taking the wheel off and getting it back on took more like an hour and a half! Oh well, at least I’m now better protected against all the glass on Dublin’s roads.
  3. Frank’s Hot Sauce. On slow-cooked chicken, with home-made chips. Divine!

Sunday 15th April

Today I’m grateful for these three things:

  1. Easy and familiar music. When you’re not feeling well, and you’re tired, its nice to come to church and sing music that you know and love. You don’t need the stress of sight-reading a new piece – not today anyway! 
  2. Remembering to bring my waterproofs. Otherwise I would have gotten soaked on my cycle home from church.
  3. Our wood burning stove. Because there’s nothing better than sitting in front of a real fire on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Saturday 14th April

The three things I’m grateful for today are:

  1. Helping out in a crisis. My sister-in-law fell last night and busted open her lip. She went to A&E this morning, and later to a plastic surgeon to have her lip treated and sown up. To help her out, we looked after my niece and nephew for the day – as I’m sure dragging a 5 and 2 year old around the hospital would have added to the stress of the day!
  2. Handing the kids back. One of the best things about not be a parent is that, at the end of the day, you can hand the children back and go back to your quiet life.
  3. Wine. I can completely understand why parents of small children may drink so much. We only had to look after two children for one day, and it still took 2 bottles of wine for us to decompress!